5 Why Leaders
Simplifying Operational Excellence

What We Do

When Financial restructuring is on the immediate horizon, 5 Why Leaders fills in the void of Operational Excellence (OPEX)…and we do it fast. We know that when it comes to Finance, time is money. Especially when it comes to Restructuring Teams who need bench strength transforming their client’s Operations, Leadership, and overall approach to day-to-day Management.

The 5 Why Method

Our Mission

Our AIM towards ongoing Operational Excellence and Organizational Development is based largely upon the foundational work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

After WWII ended, Dr. Deming’s Fourteen Management Principles and his System of Profound Knowledge (SOPK) © helped transform Japanese Managers. The result of his aim created the Economic Miracle we now recognize as modern day Japan––the world’s third largest economy in terms of GDP.

Today, those Fourteen Management Principles form the backbone of leadership for our 5 Why Leaders consulting team.

Our Approach

We know change is brutally hard for your Restructuring clients. Especially when your Finance team is under tremendous pressure to perform for your customer, the bank and or investors. That’s why our consultants have both empathy and compassion for the challenging work environments we all work within.

Our Commitment

Our “roll up your sleeves” approach to understanding people, process, and profit puts us in a unique position when it comes to the need for deploying an on-site OPEX team. To understand your working conditions, you’ll see 5 Why Leaders wearing smocks and hard hats, working side-by-side with your client’s employees at the site of value creation. We see value through the eyes of your client’s employees and customers. Precisely where the game of business is either won or lost.

Who We Are

As the Founder of 5 Why Leaders, Colin brings with him an extensive background as an expert in Operational Excellence through the lens of Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SPK)©.

By understanding SPK’s four equal parts: Variation, Appreciation of A System, The Theory of Knowledge, and Psychology, Colin reaches deep into the minds, hearts, and souls of the men and women he consults to––both on the shop floor and within corporate board rooms.

A fan of Japanese history and Eastern Philosophy, Colin has a passion for people, process, and continuous improvement. As a result, he’s been fortunate to spend nearly 15 years of his life continuously studying, learning, and implementing Dr. Deming’s SPK system.

As a former Corporate Risk Manager, Colin experienced first-hand the damage and devastating impact to people that traditional Western Philosophy and thinking were doing to children, adolescents, and mature adults.   He also believed there was a better way––other than Command and Control––to bring about sustainable good change to people, to process, and to profits

Why Hire Us?

We Eliminate

It’s simple. It’s why Banks, Bankruptcy Attorneys, CPA’s, and Investment Banks refer their clients to us. It’s why professional advisors recommend our 5 Why Leaders team of OPEX and Leadership Consultants. It’s our involvement with day-to-day operations that helps Restructuring Companies eliminate their client’s wasteful activities and inefficiencies faster than their competitors.


We Improve

Where value is created yet time is often wasted, we help you uncover why and how your client’s work is accomplished. We then set in place an OPEX team to identify opportunities that help get your client’s operations back on track faster than the traditional Financial Restructuring Team.




We Add &
Create Value

Our twenty five to thirty member OPEX consulting team consists of former Chief Operating Officers, Lean Manufacturing Consultants, and Lean Leaders. Our team is passionate about helping Restructuring Agencies and Professional Advisors succeed at helping turn around your clients’ companies.  We aim to improve operations at both the value adding and value creation level.

Need Help?

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