About 5 Why Leaders

We Provide Operational Excellence

When Financial Restructuring is on the horizon, or if you’re helping a company prepare for a Liquidity Event, 5 Why Leaders fills in the void of Operational Excellence (OPEX)…and we do it fast.

When it comes to Finance, Operational Excellence means real money in your client’s pocketbook. When it comes to organizations and Advisors who need bench strength to improve their client’s Operations where they happen, our OPEX Consulting team delivers it.

We Speak Human

Our approach to understanding people’s problems in real time, requires us to go and experience value where it happens––while simultaneously identifying wasteful activity that creates no value and disengages and demotivates employees.

Our “roll up your sleeves” approach to understanding people, process, and profit puts us in a unique position when it comes to the need for deploying an on-site OPEX team. To understand your working conditions, more often than not you’ll see 5 Why Leaders wearing smocks and hard hats, working side-by-side with your client’s employees at the site of value creation. We see value through the eyes of your client’s employees and customers. Precisely where the game of business is either won or lost.

While we also work next to you and your Finance Team within the boardroom, more often than not you’ll find us trying to discover value elsewhere or simply trying to understand wasteful activity in a whole new light.

The Five Why Aim™

  1. When business is stuck, unstick it.
  2. When someone demands more for less, achieve it.
  3. Assign cause not blame.
  4. Create profits with purpose.
  5. Engage curiosity before capital.

The Five Why Philosophy™

  1. Embed self-determination within Operational Excellence.
  2. Match man’s intrinsic need for autonomy, relatedness, and competency with stakeholder’s need for purpose and profits.
  3. Engage curiosity before capital to solve process and people problems.
  4. Continuously Improve quality to drive down operational costs.
  5. Provide joy and satisfaction to the customer, employee, and stakeholder.

The Five Why Committment™

  1. Define and Measure improvements to quality, cost, delivery times, and safety.
  2. Continuously Improve safety by identifying and eliminating the root causes of injuries, accidents, and sickness, and employee disengagement.
  3. Reduce lead times in the business first, then throughout the supply chain.
  4. Establish Operational Excellence as your strategic weapon, creating sustainable and profitable growth.
  5. Improve motivation by building a culture of respect, employee involvement, engagement, and innovative capabilities.

Our Consultants

Nigel Thurlow

Ken VanWinkle

Shawn Kaul

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