Owner & Founder - Colin Baird

As the Founder of 5 Why Leaders, Colin brings with him an extensive background as an expert in Operational Excellence through the lens of Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SPK)©.

By understanding SPK’s four equal parts: Variation, Appreciation of A System, The Theory of Knowledge, and Psychology, Colin reaches deep into the minds, hearts, and souls of the men and women he consults to––both on the shop floor and within corporate board rooms.

A fan of Japanese history and Eastern Philosophy, Colin has a passion for people, process, and continuous improvement. As a result, he’s been fortunate to spend nearly 15 years of his life continuously studying, learning, and implementing Dr. Deming’s SPK system.

As a former Corporate Risk Manager, Colin experienced first-hand the damage and devastating impact to people that traditional Western Philosophy and thinking were doing to children, adolescents, and mature adults.   He also believed there was a better way––other than Command and Control––to bring about sustainable good change to people, to process, and to profits.

Colin implements SPK––and the thinking it embodies, directly onto the shop floor and throughout the board room. It is there where he helps teams and individuals learn how to identify and study the right problem to solve, “why” it’s so necessary to identify its true root cause(s), then lastly, “why” its root causes must be eliminated if people are to be engaged with their work well into the future.

Colin is an Adjunct Faculty Member at San Diego State University, where he occasionally gets an opportunity to reach out to and teach Grad Students the principles of Deming’s SPK. He is also a frequent contributor to Chief Executive Magazine.

For enjoyment he farms tomatoes, peppers, and brassica, plays and studies piano, and hangs out with his four children and two grandchildren.