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2022 Achievements

The Problem

Our client, a well-known Restructuring Group, needed boots on the ground operators. While there was significant work to do in the Boardroom and within the Financial Offices, the Restructuring firm lacked a true Operational Excellence team. They needed am OPEX team that was willing to get down and dirty on the factory, while they worked on addressing their client’s immediate financial needs.

The ultimate client, a Food Processor that had been in business for nearly sixty-five years, had for many of those years, been losing millions of dollars. The bank, who singlehandedly held all of the credit lines, was very concerned they would never see their loans repaid.

While negotiations were difficult, both parties ultimately agreed there was an immediate need to hire a Financial Restructuring Group. Once the Restructuring Group was hired, 5 Why Leaders was then sub-contracted by the Restructuring Group.

The Solution

Once on-site, the 5 Why Team conducted a two-week, boots-on-the-ground OPEX and Management Team assessment. This enabled the Finance Team to stay focused on improving finances during that two weeks, yet remain confident they had verifiable data as to what financial contributions could come from executing future improvements in efficiency, machine uptime, and the reallocation of existing labor content.

After we reported out our findings to the Restructuring Group, Bank, and Board of Directors of the Food Processor, everyone agreed to the next step: A Plan of Transformation. 5 Why’s OPEX team was contracted again, and then began executing on it.

The Result

 Over the next five months our consultants delivered nearly ten million dollars in quantifiable and tested, operational improvements. That impact negated the client’s need for any additional credit line. For the first time in nearly five years, the organization was once again, back in black.

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